Rescue under way after Kenya building collapse

Three people have died and scores injured after a six-storey building collapsed in Kiambu, central Kenya.

Rescue efforts are under way and emergency workers have managed to pull a child from the rubble.

Several others have also been rescued, but “sadly some are feared to have succumbed to their injuries”, Kiambu county Governor, KimaniWamatangi, said.

Building collapses in Kenya have in the past been blamed on poor structural design or sloppy construction.

The cause of this collapse is unclear but the building was under construction when it came down.

Eyewitnesses said it fell unto an adjacent building. It is not known how many people are still under the debris.

The child who was rescued is now being treated in hospital, national broadcaster,KBC reports.

Soldiers, workers from the Kenya Red Cross and National Youth Service personnel as well as local volunteers are all at the scene in Kiambu town, which is about 20km (12 miles) north of the capital, Nairobi.

Rescuers were continuing to find survivors and bodies on Wednesday after a building collapsed in Nairobi.

The four storey structure came down earlier in the afternoon in the Kenyan capital.

Red Cross Society’s Head of Disaster Management, MichealAyabei, said the number of people that had been trapped in the rubble was unknown.

“It is not yet immediately possible to establish how many could have been in the house at the time. We are still trying to make that inquiry so that we can be sure, that as you know, during this time when voting has been going on a number of families travelled. We are not sure who was back or who could not come back so it is still early to put that figure together,” he said.

Officials have said that three fatalities had been reported so far. One person was also taken to hospital in a critical condition. -BBC

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