Report corrupt practices – Special Prosecutor urges citizens

The Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng,  has called on the citizenry to renew their mindset and turn from corrupt practices in order to transform and place the country on a solid developmental track.

According to him, the country cannot continue on the path of “see-no-evil-hear-no-evil” but underscored the need for the citizenry to expose the evil of corruption and eschew corrupt practices as the act affects democracy.

Speaking at the World Anti-corruption day in Accra yesterday, Mr Agyebeng charged the citizenry to lead a life of “live-and-let-live” to meet the national interest.

“We must transform our thinking and psyche from a ritualistic gift-giving society marked by undeserved attainment of wealth to secure undue advantage in all spheres of life to one of merit-based rewards. This is our sure chance to curb corruption and we cannot miss this opportunity,” he added.

Mr Agyebeng announced that from January 2022 his outfit as part of “pressure-for- progress drive,”would institute, an Annual Ghana Corruption League Table to assess perceived levels of public sector corruption.

“In aid of this, public agencies will be ranked against each other on a corruption barometer and the results will be publicised every December 9,” he added.

According to Mr Agyebeng his outfit would also require all public institutions, departments, agencies, and companies to prepare and submit Integrity Plans intended at assessing deficiencies in their regulations, procedures, policies, guidelines, administration instructions and internal control mechanisms.

That, he said, would help determine their vulnerability and exposure to corrupt practices to prescribe curative measures to manage corruption and related offences.

“The OSP will carry out anti-corruption risk assessment and review of all major public contracts, legislation and draft legislation. This is intended to avoid toxic deals and the prevalence of judgment debts and arbitral awards,” Mr Agyebeng added.

He said the Office would also undertake continuous education to inform the public on the risk of engaging in corruption and detect acts of corruption, adding “we must draw on the wisdom of hindsight in our pursuit of a fairer society.”

In curbing corruption, Mr Agyebeng revealed that his office was investigating 31 corruption and corruption-related cases, thus in due course, his office “will commence the prosecution in the courts of the cases it considers probatively strong.”


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