Remove Musah Superior as Tamale MCE for insubordination–NPP Group

A pro-New Patriotic Party (NPP) youth group known as Youth for Justice and Growth in Tamale, is calling on the president to dismiss the Tamale Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE), Musah Superior from office.

According to them, the MCE who takes decisions without recourse to the regional and constituency executives will ruin the party’s fortunes in the region.

In a petition, the group allegedly stated that Mr Superior has ‘sold’ contracts to some NPP party folks without offering the said contracts to the ‘buyers’ adding that “Musah Superior rents stores to market women at exorbitant prices at the Aboabo market.

It also accused him of not respecting party structures in the region, takes decisions that in turn ruin the party’s fortunes within the Tamale metropolis and said, “Mr Superior has directed all school feeding caterers to pay 10 per cent of their reimbursed funds to his office to enable him to support party activities.

“We want the MCE to tell us clearly, one activity of the party he has ever performed or supported using funds accrued from the caterers, some negative attitudes which is dangerous to the survival and forward march of the NPP in the Northern Region and petitioned the President for his removal from office as the MCE.

“Contrary to the decisions of the party, he takes decisions without recourse to regional and constituency party executives under whose jurisdictions he presides, perpetrates what we deem as unhealthy to our wellbeing and unhealthy to the fortunes of our dear party which includes selling contracts to party members at exorbitant prices without giving the said contracts to the buyers which is criminal, dangerous and we have evidence,” the group petitioned.

They reiterated the fact that the negative behaviours shown by the MCE, who has no respect for the executives, could ruin the fortunes of the party in the region as well as the two constituencies, Tamale Central and Tamale South.

“We are calling on the president to listen to our plea and dismiss Mr Superior as MCE of Tamale to avoid further irreparable damage he is presently causing to the metropolis and the party,” the petition said.

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