Remain resolute as search for peace in church continues …ARS to members

 The Apostles Revelation Society (ARS) has asked its members to remain resolute in the face of recent provoca­tive publications seeking to malign innocent and upright members of the Church, particularly the Administrator of the Church.

In apparent reference to recent publications in some newspapers and on social media, the Church cautioned those determined to foment trouble to desist from such negative and unchristian activities.

This advice was given at a media briefing after a meeting by the Board of Trustees of the Church in Accra.

The Board admitted that there was division in the ARS after the death of the Founder and Spiritual Leader which had led to the emer­gence of the two main factions – namely ‘Gbedzi’ and ‘Ekporme’.

“It is also a fact that the two main factions have separate organ­isational, management arrange­ments and leadership structures which have been in operation for some years now.

According to the Trustees, this unfortunate state of affairs had been in existence for some years now since the death of the founder and spiritual leader of the Church. There is, therefore, no ambiguity about the leadership of the two main factions and this is known and recognised by members of both factions.

“Fervent efforts at reconcilia­tion to bring peace and unity into the church have been ongoing for some time now”, it said.

The Board advised the authors of such unfortunate and denigrat­ing publications not to deepen the division in the church by drawing undeserved publicity to themselves to cause further confusion in the Church.

It reminded the members of the numerous court cases ongoing in the Church and said the recent publications were an agenda to deepen the split in the Church and for one group who had neither constituency nor branches to im­pose themselves on others.

The Board advised the media to be circumspect in reporting on matters concerning the church in order not to publish stories from unauthorised people purporting to be speaking on behalf of the Church.

“It is important for the media to, of necessity and in consonance with the ethics of your profession to talk to all sides in the current impasse in order not to harm and damage the reputation of members of the Church”, it said.

According to the Board, it was interested in the unity of the church and had made several attempts and overtures as well as accommodated all peace initiatives, some of which had been abused by proponents with hidden agenda.

“The desired unity we believe, cannot be decreed, rail-rolled or imposed as some members are seeking to do but can only be achieved through dialogue, negoti­ation and prayers,” it emphasised.


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