Registration officials receive applauds for orderly conduct of exercise in Tadzewu

Former Minister of Health, Mr Alex Segbefia, had commended registration officials at the various centres in Tadzewu and the surrounding communities for the orderly manner in which they are going about their task.

He also praised eligible persons at the centres for their decent conduct at the centres.

He told the Ghanaian Times after going through the registration procedures in Tadzewu earlier this week that there was ample evidence of people wearing face masks and also observing social distancing.

“You can see that the chairs are well spaced out,” he added.

However, Mr Segbefia expressed misgivings over the use of benches at “one of the centres,” saying the benches did not allow adequate spacing between those waiting to register.

He said it would be more appropriate for chairs only to be used at the centres and not benches.

Mr Segbefia entreated eligible persons in the area to register and turn up at polling centres on December 7, to cast their votes.


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