Registration, licensing of new vehicles begin Jan. 3

Driver who intend to register and license their vehicles from next year will have a new suffix (-23) to repre­sent the year of registration.

The move by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA), which is a requirement under the Road Traffic Regula­tions, 2012 (L.I 2180) will com­mence on January 3 next year.

This was contained in a press statement issued by the manage­ment of DVLA and copied the Ghanaian Times.

In order to avoid long delays and crowding at various registra­tion centres across the country during the registration period, management of DVLA has put in place measures to ensure a smooth registration process.

During the first stage of the registration process, which began on Deceber 12, 2022, vehicle owners and the general public were required to present their vehicles at any authorised Vehicle Testing Station for equip­ment-base testing.

Additionally, vehicle owners and the general public were asked to present vehicles at any DVLA registration centres for customs checks and clearance, inspection and document validation.

Officials of DVLA, according to the statement by management, would generate an invoice for all services that would be requested by vehicle owners and delivered by the Authority.

For the second stage, which would be completed from January 3 next year, vehicle owners and the general public would be required to make payment by cash or other electronic means at any preferred centre, capture biomet­ric details at the DVLA registra­tion centre and collect registration documents, licensed plate(s) and other ancillary items from the centre to complete the process.

The statement indicated that all customs and other supporting documents that would be used for the registration process should be original copies, with the National Identity Card (Ghana Card) as the primary document.

It added that “all persons duly authorised to transact business for and on behalf of the vehicle owner shall present a Power of Authority and their National ID for verification”.

The management of DVLA, has however cautioned the general public to refrain from engaging unauthorised persons, including middle men popularly known as ‘Goro Boys’ to avoid being defrauded.

According to the statement, all COVID-19 protocols would be adhered to during the registration at all vehicle registration centres.


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