Referendum will revolutionise local governance – Oduro Osae

The Technical Advisor at the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Dr Oduro Osae, has urged the citizenry to realise the referendum as a national agenda to revolutionise the local government system and not to politicise it.

“The December 17, 2019 referendum to amend Article 55(3) to democratise the local government system by introducing multi-partisan elections at the local government level, we should take the best of decisions that will stand the test of time that will be in the interest of mother Ghana,” he noted.

According to Dr Osae, “we should take politics out of the referendum on election of metropolitan municipal district chief executives. Look at what is good for the citizenry, I invite them not to allow debates and discussions around the referendum to cloud thier minds, there is also an assembly member and a unit committee member to be elected.

“I appeal to the citizenry to take interest in local governance, prepare ourselves on December 17 vote in the referendum; vote for their assembly member and unit committee member to mark the beginning of the citizens’ participation in decision-making that affects their lives at the local government level.

“Due to interest expressed by the citizenry, there is consultation to ensure we build national consensus, that notwithstanding, key stakeholders are creating awareness, educating and sensitising them on the need to vote during the referendum.

“Issues surrounding referendum in the media are gradually overshadowing district level elections, creating new awareness among the citizenry about local government elections, I am expecting positive response by way of turnout as planned.

“Consultations, discussions and debates ongoing, various interest groups who indicated to vote no, should be convinced to change their minds to vote yes, I am positive before December 17, we will make significant inroads, we should have national conservation to build national consensus.

“The moment people are expressing dissenting views, there is the need to bring them back to the discussion, consultation and debate table which is ongoing,” Dr Osae assured. -GNA

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