‘Recognise members who have toiled for NPP to retain power’

Kate Gyamfua, a National Women Organiser aspirant of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has appealed to the leadership of the party to recognise the toil of members and supporters of the party to break the eight years of political party rule.

“Not recognising the good works of members, supporters and sympathisers who have contributed immensely to the party’s fortunes in the past will make them disgruntled and shun activities of the party to break the eight,” she lamented.

Ms Gyamfua raised concerns over the treatment meted out to some key members, supporters and faithful in the party after they had played instrumental roles in the successes of the NPP in the 2016 and the 2020 elections adding that “if the trend continues they will feel disillusioned and not get involved in the rigorous campaign to retain the party in the2024 elections”.

According to her, the “wickedness” must stop and those people should be appreciated as bringing all those people on board as the party geared up for the next elections would help the NPP to break the eight but taking them for granted would make it difficult for the party to break the eight.

“A lot of people are crying because they helped us but we have not appreciated them and I call on the leadership of the party to change their behavior, stressing so we have to change our attitude towards them and stop the wickedness and betrayal of those who have helped us win power in succession because they helped the NPP with their resources but we have not recognised them which is unfortunate,” Ms Gyamfua decried.

She urged those who had been sidelined not to feel disillusioned and disgruntled but continue to support and assist the party in diverse ways so as to retain power and was hopeful the leadership of the party would be compelled to rescind their decision.

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