Recent Wa killings: Police will bring suspects to justice – Interior Minister

Minister for The Interior, Ambrose Dery, on Thursday assured the people of Wa and its environs that the police would leave no stone unturned in bringing suspects in the recent killing in the area to justice.

The minister in an answer to a question asked in connec­tion with the killings in Wa, in September last year, said 15 suspects were being processed for court over the matter.

Mr Dery, who is also Mem­ber of Parliament (MP) for Nandom, in the Upper West Region, said “Let me make it clear that the Ghana Police Service is very serious about this matter. That is why in spite of the fact that other areas cry for more police personnel, we have put a minimum of 300 on the ground in Wa.

He was responding to a ques­tion filed by the Wa West MP, Mr Peter Lanchene Toobu, who sought to know the state of the case.

The Wa area was replete with alleged killings of security guards, prompting fears among residents.

Little has since been heard of the promise to investigative the case, but Mr Dery said the killings would not join the long list of unresolved murders.

“It will not join the list of cold cases otherwise, we would have withdrawn and made it a cold case. The cold cases have not been consigned to the back burner. I can assure you that the police is making a lot of progress on several of them and you will soon hear progress. “

Mr Dery said “The term cold cases is to remind us that we should never forget and the police is committed to dealing with them”.

According to him, the police were yet to identify three other security guards, who were missing during the time of the ‘mysterious’ deaths.

“The police have initiated a vigor­ous education campaign within the communities to sensitise the citizenry, mostly the youth on security tips con­cerning serial killers and kidnappers,” Mr Dery said.

Aside the fact that the police were undertaking the sensitisation exercise, he urged the people to be vigilant and report any suspicious characters within the community to the police or any law enforcement agency for prompt action.

Mr Dery asked the judiciary “to deal with the matter,” to bring the perpe­trators to justice.


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