ReadCamp 2022 Project launched in Accra

“ReadCamp2022 Project”, a literacy programme that seeks to enhance the reading and writing skills of young pupils’ beyond the classroom was on Tuesday launched in Accra.

An initiative of non-governmental organisation, Mother of All Nations Foundation (MoANF) is designed to take beneficiaries through creative writing and basic internet surfing skills for their personal and societal growth.

The project, aimed at strengthening communities and contributing to Ghana’s attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has in the last three years benefitted over 1000 young people across the country.

Launching the project, President of the African University College of Communication (AUCC), Prof. Abeiku Blankson, underscored the importance of reading in building an analytical society.

He said, as basic as reading and writing was, many people lacked the ability to embrace the skill to make informed decisions.

“One must not believe in everything they see around and on social media, you need to be literate and be sure of what you read and write in order to enhance your academic excellence and analytical skills,” he said.

Prof. Blankson expressed hope that the “ReadCamp” project would help build the capacity of young people to understand and better appreciate materials they read.

He thus urged all students to take advantage of the project to improve their reading and writing skills to contribute meaningfully to national discourse in future.

The Acting Greater Accra Regional Director of the Ghana Library Authority (GLA), Mr Edward Addo-Yobo said it was important every individual had access to reading materials to improve the literacy rate in the country.

He said currently a total of 112 libraries have been constructed and are operational across the country, an improvement of the 61 libraries that hitherto existed.

“There has been an improvement in library attendants as well. In 2021 we had about 1.5million visiting all our libraries as compared to about 400,000 persons in 2017 and we are hopeful that more libraries would be provided in every community to enhance learning in coming years,” he said.

The Executive Director for the MoANF, Mr Zico Abubakar Ishog Newton explained the ReadCamp project targeted young learners, especially in deprived communities to enhance their learning during long vacations each year.

“In 2020, the lock down due to the COVID-19 pandemic had affected students’ performance and that was why we took the initiative to help them and despite the pandemic, the ReadCamp project had 3000young learners in Accra and Kumasi to participate in that activity” he noted.

Mr Newton said Ghana’s education sector needed serious attention, especially at the rural areas to reduce high school drop-out rate.

“We all need to help government to achieve the sustainable goal four and five. When it comes to education which is the foundation of life, we need to start students off right by making reading more exciting.


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