Rawlings urges Togo to uphold democratic principles

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has urged the leadership of Togo and the political opposition to uphold democratic principles and the rule of law as the country draws closer to the presidential election.

He reminded them that Togo had come a long way and it was his prayer that all the stakeholders would harness the gains by respecting the sanctity of choice, and protect the integrity of the election.

This was in a message delivered to President Faure Gnassingbe by a delegation of traditional chiefs and senior officials from his office.

The delegation, led by Togbi Gbordzor III, Dufia of Woe and Dusifiaga of the Anlo State included Togbi Hodzi Dunyo, Togbi Tamakloe, Dr Donald Agumenu, aide of the former President, and Togolese journalist, Jean Andjaou.

They were in Togo to commiserate with President Gnassingbe on the demise of his brother, Emmanuel Gnassingbe.

 A statement from the office of the former president said the delegation held discussions with the Togolese leader on regional integration and security within the sub region.

They highlighted the seriousness that former President Rawlings attached to intercultural cohesion, justice and respect for human dignity and the rule of law.

The emergence of insurgency and militant activities within the sub region, he warned, if not contained, could further undermine sub regional security, democratic values and socio­economic development. The recent separatist agitations in the Volta Region of Ghana was also discussed.

President Faure Gnassingbe, according to the statement, expressed his delight and gratitude to former President Rawlings for sending the delegation to wish the people of Togo well and to also grieve with him for the loss of his brother.

He described the former Ghanaian President as a man of integrity, who he has a lot of respect for sending the delegation to wish the people of Togo well and to also grieve with him for the loss of his brother.

He also took time to outline the constitutional reforms the country had gone through and its preparedness for the upcoming election on February 22, 2020.

President Gnassingbe assured the delegation and all citizens of Togo as well as ECOWAS leaders that he would do nothing to undermine the peace and security of his country during the election.

Senior government officials at the meeting included Togo’s Chief of Staff of the Cabinet, Mrs Victoire S. Dogbe­Tomegah, Speaker of Parliament, Mrs Yawa Tsegan and the Ambassador of Togo to Ghana, Lt. Colonel Awoki Panassa.


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