Raise responsible children …Prisons officer urges parents

Chief Officer at Ankaful Prisons, Mr Ken Dellie, has charged parents and guardians to raise their children into good persons who would respect the country’s laws and stay away from trouble.

He said it was important parents focused their attention on the education of their kids and as well, put time and effort into nurturing another component of child success and development.

Mr Dellie, who made the call at the 5th Annual General Meeting of AGHETO Welfare Club, Anloga-Anyanui, said the only way to counter the ills prevalent in society such as armed robbery and killing to promote positive character traits was to guide children towards good habits and behaviours.

The Prisons officer recommended parents who served as role models to their children and disciplined them consistently among others so children would not become deviants who end up in prisons but grow into useful people who would impact society positively.

“Let’s look after our children well. I was passing by the other day and I saw young ones smoking weed and I became sad. When we don’t pay attention to our children, they offend the law, the Police go for them, send them to court and they’re sent to prison where there is loss of freedom, loss of materials, goods, and services. I tell you, prison is not a place to be, care for your children.”

DSP Thomas Yao Agbanyo, Anloga District Police Commander, asked residents to obey the law saying, just as the mandate of the Police Service is to protect and preserve internal security of the country through law enforcement, the Command would fight crime.

He dwelt on domestic violence which he said was increasing in the Dzita-Anyanui area and warned those involved in not just acts of violence but issuing threats to stop saying, “beware, threatening words can land you in trouble.”

Mr Richard Kwami Sefe, Member of Parliament for Anlo urged AGHETO Welfare Club to support education, health, and others to benefit the youth of Dzita-Anyanui area which he identified as the fourth poorest in the constituency.

He said that would, in the end, empower the youth, reduce teenage pregnancy and produce prominent citizens to guarantee the future of the area.

Torgbui Hatsu III of Dzita, Anloga District Director, National Commission for Civic Education, underscored the need for everyone to partake in the ongoing nationwide SIM card re-registration exercise expected to end on March 31, 2022.

He said the exercise (which requires Ghana Card) was part of government’s digitisation efforts to curtail the occurrence of cybercrime and fraud using SIM cards noting, everyone must get involved by dialing *404# on their phones to re-register to help sanitise the telecommunications space.

Founder of AGHETO Welfare Club, Mr Reindolf Adzido, told Ghana News Agency that the intention for establishing the club, currently with a membership of about 2,000 was to mobilise people from around Anloga-Anyanui to support organisation of funerals for deceased members.

He said the leadership was considering ways to make the financially grounded club benefit members even in their lifetime through birthday and other celebrations and plans to increase benefit payments to GH¢5,000.00 from the GH¢4,000.00 paid in 2021. -GNA

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