Queen mother appeals for basic amenities for Mepe

The queen mother of Mepe Avatakpo in the Mepe traditional area of Ho West District in the Volta Region, Mama Aku Seme II, has appealed to the government to come to the community’s aid as it lacked basic amenities.

As it stands, not only is the community cut off during rainfall due to the bad nature of roads leading to the area but the absence of other facilities such as basic schools and health centres and potable water, in the community, made life unbearable for residents.

“We are yet to be connected to the national grid. The only basic school here is up to Class three and one may have to relocate to continue education or quit schooling after stage three,” she lamented in an interview with the Ghanaian Times yesterday.

The queen mother who was particularly concerned about the welfare of women and children in the area, deplored the absence of a health centre indicating that “in case of any illness not to talk of an emergency, one will have to make the long journey for hours from here to Juapong or Battor to assess healthcare which is unacceptable in this age”.

According to her, though the area had huge agricultural potential as indigenes who are predominantly farmers produced tubers and legumes in large quantities, most of their products went to waste due to lack of access to market.

“Because farmers are not abreast of modern techniques they are unable to properly store and package their goods for sale and this greatly affects the local economy because they make low incomes,” she said.

Asked what measures had been put in place by authorities to address the challenges, Mama Seme indicated that efforts to get them to intervene over the years had proved futile compelling the youth to resort to illegal migration to seek greener pastures.

“We have had several politicians come here to campaign during elections, there is a member of parliament and a district chief executive among other individuals in high places who are  expected help us but so far help has not come.”

“I think it’s high time we also benefitted from the national cake because we are citizens of this country and government must step in our plight,” she pleaded.


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