‘Put welfare of citizens above parochial interest’

Former Minister of Employment and Labour Relations, Nii Armah Ashitey, has asked leaders to put the welfare of the citizens, and the country above their personal parochial interest.

He said the leaders must scrutinise contracts and ensure they inure to the benefit of the citizens and the country.

Nii Ashitey said this in an interview with the Ghanaians Times during a Homowo feast at his residence at Dzorwulu, a suburb of Accra on Saturday.

The feast was to fete some friends to end the “Homowo Festival,” observed to “hoot at hunger.”

He said developments in the sub-region indicated that the citizens were not happy with the governance and performance of their leaders.

Mr Ashitey entreated the leaders of the country to unite to accelerate the development of the country.

He said without unity and cohesion, the leaders of the country could not effectively govern and lead the people.

“As a country we have to unite. We have allowed politics to divide us such that you cannot agree to disagree and even suggest something. If you advice on something, you are described as playing the devil’s advocate.” he added.

Mr Ashitey said viciousness should be taken out of the country’s political system, saying “we have to agree to disagree.”

The former legislator stressed the need to respect views of all opposing parties and the need to be considered in the governance of the country.

He used the occasion to call for peace in the country, saying “without peace, there cannot be development and prosperity.”

He also called for peaceful elections in the 2024 general elections, stressing that the mayhem that characterized 2020 elections should not repeat itself.

“I am hoping that, the next elections should be peaceful. Last year’s was not good enough because people died. People should not die in taking part in a democratic process. Others have done it and we don’t have to reinvent the wheel,” he stated.

The former Member of the Council of State, Nii Adjei Anang cautioned about the extolling of tribalism by some political actors in the country, saying the practice was a threat to the peace and cohesion of the country.

“We have to live together in peace to promote the development of the country. We have to leave the peace where we met it,” he said.

Mr Anang commended Mr Ashitey for organising the Homomo feast to bring all Ga families together.

He entreated all the Gas to bury their differences and unite to promote the development of the Ga communities.

The Korle Klottey Constituency Chairman of the NDC, Mr Benjamin Kortey Nii Quaye, said Mr Ashitey had been a staunch member of the NDC and a philanthropist.

He called on the grassroots to rally behind the former Minister of Employment and Labour Relations,as he intend to vie for the chairmanship position to bring the party to power come 2024.


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