PURC to announce new tariffs by Dec 9

Mr Ismeal Edjekumhene(left) addressing the stakeholders at meeting.

Mr Ismeal Edjekumhene(left) addressing the stakeholders at meeting.

The Public Utility Regulatory Commission (PURC) will by December 9 this year announce new utility tariffs for 2019.


It would follow submission of tariff proposals from the utility companies in the country including Power Distribution Services Limited, the company which would manage 51 per cent of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), the restructured ECG, Northern Energy Distribution Company (NEDCo), Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) among others.


This came to light yesterday in Accra, when the PURC met with representatives of the utility companies to discuss the tariff proposals template for the 2019 major tariff review.


Mr Ishmael Edjakumhene, chairman, Technical Committee of PURC, said the tariff proposal template was to allow the companies provide a more coordinated and consistent manner that would facilitate the work of the PURC.


The model of the template, he noted would also help the companies derive different summary versions when data is computed.


As agreed in the roadmap, he said utility companies were expected to submit their proposals within this month to allow the PURC undertake preliminary review, interrogation of decisions as well as onward publication of the proposals.


Mr Edjakumhene explained that the PURC would further engage key stakeholders including government, the Trade Union Congress (TUC) and the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) on the decisions for their concerns and inputs.


Following that, there would be public hearings as well as media engagements for further deliberations on the accepted tariff proposals, he added.

The chairman assured Ghanaians and businesses as well as the utility companies that the PURC would work to ensure that the interest of all stakeholders were captured in the determination of the tariff.

The Director of Regulatory Research Economics and Research, PURC, Dr Simon Arkorli, said the five year’s tariff proposal template, would allow companies to input their cost and investment projections which would inform decisions by the PURC.

It would also help the regulator in monitoring operations of the utility companies as well as appreciate operational challenges for the needed advice, he stated.

He said the input data from the utility companies was necessary to ensure a smooth tariff determination process.

By Claude Nyarko Adams

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