Public warned against keeping gas cylinders in kitchens

The Chief Fire Officer (CFO) of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), Julius Kuunuor, has advised the public against keeping gas cylinders in their kitchens, to avoid fire related catastrophes.

“Whether in use or not, cylinders must not be kept inside rooms, corridors or any enclosed area because it can explode at anytime. It is therefore very important for people to desist from keeping gas cylinders inside their rooms to protect their lives and the properties they live in,” he warned.

Mr Kuunuor, who made the call in an interview with the Ghanaian Times yesterday, stated that in case of any leakage, “if the gas is exposed to naked fire, it would explode and cause harm.”

He lamented that some people used very old gas cylinders, adding that cylinders must always be kept away from flammables, combustible liquids and from materials that easily ignite.

The CFO bemoaned that one of the things most households took for granted was switching off the cylinder knob when not in use.

He said that “deliberate acts must be taken each day to protect oneself and family from harm, especially the preventable ones.”

Mr Kuunuor also advised that appliances like stoves, burners and gas pipes must always be in very good conditions to avoid leakages that could possibly lead to fire accidents at home.

“This issue of home fire accidents is something we can all join efforts to stop or reduce drastically, it is all about prioritising cautiousness.

“People must learn to create space outside their rooms or kitchens, where they keep gas cylinders and find a way of locking it to prevent thieves from stealing it. This is far better than keeping gas cylinders in kitchens in attempt to protect it from thieves at the expense of your safety and life,” Mr Kuunuor said.

In case of leakages, he said “doors and windows of the home must be opened immediately, lights and fans must also be turned off as quickly as possible while ensuring no cigarettes or mosquito coils were on.”

The CFO also warned that burners must never be put on when gas cylinders begin to leak.

Awareness creation on the menace, he said was very necessary and assured that his outfit would continue to increase awareness on how to prevent home fires.

“The GNFS will never relent in its efforts to prevent all kinds of fire accidents in the country to save properties and lives,” he added.


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