Psychologist cautions citizenry to be assertive in COVID-19 scourge fight

Dr Wiafe-Akenten Brenya, the Head of the Psychology Department of the University of Ghana, has cautioned that failing to forcefully implement the precautionary measures and hygienic protocols outlined to deal with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) will make it difficult for Ghana to tackle the pandemic.

He explained that the citizenry must be assertive in ensuring that everyone around them observes the precautionary measures and hygienic protocols to contain the spread of the virus and stressed that “the citizenry must also ensure that these precautionary measures and hygienic protocols are followed even if that will mean boycotting shops, malls and other businesses that do not adhere strictly to them.

“These are not normal times for the world in the wake of the pandemic, which is claiming thousands of lives and also wreaking world economics and all the health measures must be strictly obeyed, now, what we need to do is to be individuals who protect ourselves and others, if you are going to a shop or a mall and there is someone who is not wearing a face mask tell the security not to allow them in.

“If they allow, tell the shop owner or the manager that we are not going to buy from you again, we need to be assertive in these abnormal times, not the usual timid citizens because changing our orientation is not easy, you need to make that conscious effort and it is not everybody who can do it easily,” Dr Brenya pointed out.

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