Prudential Life, Lashibi Funeral Homes launch ‘Dignity Farewell Plan’

Prudential Life Insurance Ghana and Lashibi Funeral Homes have partnered to launch the Dignity Farewell Plan, a comprehensive funeral policy, to help Ghanaians plan stress-free funerals that offer dignity to the deceased and comfort to the bereaved.

The Dignity Farewell Plan is a service based solution which, in addition to an agreed cash pay-out, allows the policyholder to preselect basic and optional services required to give their loved ones a befitting send-off when they pass on. 

The plan guarantees that policy holders and their beneficiaries are protected against the financial pressures that come with funeral expenses, following an unexpected death.

They are also assured of the provision of professional services and support delivered by a reputable full-service funeral home.

Emmanuel Mokobi Aryee, Chief Executive of Prudential Life Ghana, speaking at the event said, “At Prudential, we are passionate about long term financial planning that makes life easier for our customers.”

He said: “Funerals are difficult times for families so we want to ensure that our customers are always prepared for all the events in life and only have to worry about preserving the memory of their loved ones when the unthinkable happens. The Dignity Farewell Plan protects our customers by providing valuable services and the support needed from the moment a loved one passes away.”

Dr Andrew Arkututhe Managing Director of Lashibi Funeral Homes, said, “We are delighted to be launching this solution with one of Ghana’s leading life insurance companies. Delivering professional and convenient services to our bereaved customers and treating the deceased with the utmost respect and dignity is at the heart of our success.”

“This partnership offers Ghanaians a seamless solution to planning for the inevitable and giving our loved ones the farewell they deserve,” he said.

The benefits that can be taken out on this policy range from GH¢ 20,000 to GH¢100, 000.

The product features other benefits such as a waiver of premium on death of the policyholder or when they reach age 60, an annual benefit escalator to safeguard against inflation to maintain the value of benefits in the future and a never lapse feature that guarantees policy holders their benefits throughout the policy’s term in the event some premium payments are missed.


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