Protesters call on Tunisian president to resign

Thousands of Tunisians have demonstrated against President Kais Saied as the country faces a deepening political and economic crisis.

A crowd gathered in the capital Tunis to demand the end of his government.

Tunisians who supported Mr Saied since he came to power in 2021 have grown increasingly frustrated with the state of the economy.

The protests come 12 years to the day since former dictator Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali was forced into exile.

Tunisia’s uprising is often held up as the sole success of the Arab Spring revolts across the region – but it has not led to stability, either economically or politically.

With debts piling up, the coun­try has struggled to import basic goods, including staples such as coffee, milk and sugar.

The government has so far been unable to secure an international bailout leading one protester to tell the AFP news agency “the coup has brought us famine and poverty”. —BBC

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