Protect trees on this Atomic Road

Scientists believe that 125 million years ago, angiosperm evolved as the first flower on earth. This angiosperm grew flow­ers and hold the seeds that protect the ovary i.e. the fruits. At this pe­riod, the whole earth was covered with rainforest and the earth be­comes warmer. This evolution of this angiosperm forms the majority of trees species today covered the whole earth.

According to Charlotte mid-18th centuries, a settler in Europe states that, trees were cleared for evolu­tion of infrastructural build out and its proliferation grounds were utilised as farmlands.

Many forest areas are destroyed due to the enviable nature of man to acquire what he cannot form or create.


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Trees in our environment con­tribute a lot to the development of our society and the development of man, however, inventions and technology of man are killing millions of lives and changing the dynamics of nature.

Trees release carbon dioxide in the night and during the day, they respire to the earth where human being inhale oxygen in the day and other living things breath in the same air from the creation of God to survived with good breathing from the trees.

Nature is beautiful when trees look evergreen and produce good air for the living things in society. That beautifies the existence of man.

In the medieval time, man was living freely with animals in trees, birds flies and other mammals ju­bilates and play in trees where they also feel the existence of nature and communicate their joy to God.

The beautiful nature of a tree gives a true life to man where man feels comfortable embracing natu­ral inheritance of beauty of clean oxygen air during the day from the environment he lives.

According to Charlotte et al 2018, the tree cover drops to 45 to 49 per cent globally and the num­ber continues to drop due to evolu­tion of new architectural evolution, human settlement or urbanisation and infrastructure development.

We must be very clear to our­selves that trees age multiplicity pressure both forest and urban for­est health and safety to mankind.


The large bodies of matured trees impound more carbon dioxide, ab­sorb more storm water, cast larger areas of cooling shade, provide wild life habitat, protect more under­growth and serves us wetlands in some areas like the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) and its environs.

The 200-metre road on the Atomic Energy Commission with the beautiful designed trees on both sides of the road is seriously under threat due to the road construction work coming from Haatso.

As an environmentalist and a researcher, these trees along the stretch on both side of the road provide comfortable temperature for the pedestrian, motorists, and also provide shade on the road when driving.

Infact, the trees along the stretch of both side of the road beautify the road, particularly providing shade on the road when the sun becomes too hot for driving.

These trees prevent increased in temperature due to less shade and also less storm water ab­sorption.

I think proper engineering work can make this place as one of the well-structured en­gineered work on this road just like the other developed cities in the Europe and America where the roads are designed through the trees with architec­tural planning without destroy­ing the trees.

Planting trees on both sides of the road always cut of vibra­tion from vehicles speakers and prevent noise pollution which is above 15 to 18 decibels by absorbing the sound or the vibration.

All these attest to the fact that, the GAEC is having a serene environment in oper­ating in a sound and perfect peaceful environment with these good conditions from the vehicles plying the road with noise pollution and vibration and sounds.

This will enable the research environment to be carried out with­out noise and disturbances from external noise to disconnect them from their research activities.

One of the simplest understand­ing and scientific understanding of planting trees in the cities is for the trees to absorb water and release vapor through evapotranspiration from their leaves which always pro­duced cooling effects.

Trees also provide shades for the grounds and building, resulting in further cooling and less energy.

Trees reduce cooling cost and making the outdoor safer for neigh­bours and provide shade for the residents around the same environ­ment.


With that, the GAEC land is well known to the people in the com­munity as a wetland, where trees that are planted on both side of the roads to improve water quality by purifying rain water and prevent flooding by reducing runoff.

These trees sometimes prevent storm water in some part of the Atomic Township and part of Haatso.

These trees were planted some years before independence and they help to control our metal health which always relieve stress, low blood pressure and provide sense of calmness.

It is always important to plant more tress in the city especially where there are higher levels of stress related problems.

A place like the GAEC as a research institution and a university community as a learning environ­ment should benefit from all these priorities from the trees.

With our climate situations in the world today, trees also improve climate resiliency by planting new trees and keeping mature trees alive for some years to come.

Am calling on the wildlife organ­isation and the forestry commission to sit up and protect the lives of these trees on this Atomic Road.


Good architectural designed from a well-endowed construction firm will not give a bad note on destroying the beauty of these trees on both side of the road on the GAEC.

Only incompetent and corrupted architectural personnel’s will create disappointment to the people of Ghana and destroy the memory of our great grandparents who toil and stood on the hot sun and beautify the road side with these trees.

My candid opinion is that the en­gineer in-charge of the construction should safe our lives and constructs another road opposite, which is the right side on the vast land on the Atomic land without touching the trees and save the lives of the trees on both sides of the road.

This is a wakeup call before the mess is created. I am calling on the wildlife organisation and the forestry commission to sit up and protect the lives of these trees on this Atomic Road.

[The writer is an environmentalist and a researcher]


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