Property Lisbon Help Families Find Their New Forever Home with The Golden Visa Portugal Program

 PropertyLisbon are helping families to start the next chapter of their lives by investing in property in Portugal

Property Lisbon, the renowned real estate property provider in Portugal, helps families to make use of the of the Golden Visa Portugal Program and start the next exciting chapter in their lives. The company helps people to buy residential properties across the beautiful country of Portugal, both in low density areas at the price of €280,000 or Lisbon touristic Apartments costing €350,000. Portugal offers a great standard of living at low-cost, making it a wonderful place for families to grow. And if families are looking for more of a holiday home arrangement, Property Lisbon can also help potential investors purchase buy-to-let properties which can be rented out.

The Golden Visa Portugal Program offers the perfect opportunity for families to make this next move in their life. Under the current rules of the Program, not only do investors get the temporary right to stay in Portugal with the possibility of becoming a Portuguese citizen after, it also allows spouses and children under the age of 18 to join them. Children will be able to avail of a high quality of education while the whole family can enjoy peace of mind with Portugal’s outstanding healthcare system.

For those families who wish to avail of their new property as a holiday home, the requirements are extremely straightforward. When applying, investors need only spend seven days per year in the country, increasing to fourteen over time.

A spokesperson for Property Lisbon had the following to say about families looking for a Golden Visa in Portugal“Moving country can be challenging, especially when you have young children. Here are Property Lisbon we realise that and do our best to assist in making this move as seamless as possible. The way the Golden Visa Portugal Programme is setup makes it easy and stress free for families to achieve this.”

About  PropertyLisbon 

 PropertyLisbon are experienced providers of real estate in Portugal. Their agents are dedicated to helping investors find new properties in Portugal, with a special focus on the Golden Visa Portugal Program. 

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