Prof. Paul Frimpong-Manso celebrates mothers on Mother’s Day

The General Superintendent of Assemblies of God, Ghana, Rev. Prof. Paul Frimpong-Manso has urged Ghanaian mothers to continue providing spiritual counsel and mentorship of young people to make them fully prepared for God’s work.

As virtuous women, he said, the Lord would crown their effort and would not allow their labour to be in vain. 

This was contained in a Mother’s Day message in celebration of mothers which was issued in Accra yesterday.

Prof Frimpong-Manso said “to all women who are taking care of other people’s children, mentoring other people’s children and attending to other people’s children, may the Lord meet you at the very point of your need.”

He noted that, just as 2 Timothy 1:5 extolled the role of Timothy’s Grandmother and mother in his spiritual upbringing,  great mothers could impact positively in the development of children.

“It is a fact of life that, apart from God, we owe our Mothers our own existence. They were the first faces we saw when we were born. Our Mothers are imprinted on our hearts and souls, no matter the circumstances – past or future,” Prof Frimpong-Manso explained.

For sons and daughters who were groaning or holding grudges against their biological mothers, step-mothers, guardians or spiritual mothers, he asked them to forgive and promote unity in their families.

“My appeal is that let us allow the peace of God to reign in our hearts. Let’s all find places in our hearts to forgive and embrace each other. Let all wounds be healed and let us forge together as one big family,” he added.

He said Mother’s Day was a special day for all mothers including spiritual and mentoring mothers and asked all to extend the appreciation they have for their mothers in spite of the difficulties they might be facing.

“I call on all sons and daughters, to take a moment to see, say and send our Mothers something unique and memorable. If possible, make time to take them out; and please do not wait for Mothers’ Day before showing this gesture. Make it a regular feature, he added.

 Prof Frimpong-Manso further prayed for God’s blessings over all women who were taking good care of various children.


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