Production of fake electrical cables: 7 Chinese, Nigerian busted …as GSA shuts down Fenice Metal Technology Company

The Ghana Standard Au­thority (GSA) yesterday closed down Fenice Metal Technology Company Limited, producers of electrical cables for the Ghanaian market.

The closure comes in the wake of some alleged fraudulent activ­ities engaged in by the company including fake labelling, sub-stan­dard material usage and lack of certification from the Authority.

Fenice Closed 1
Fenice Closed

The exercise was conducted with the support of personnel of the Ghana Police Service under the command of Assistant Super­intendent of Police (ASP) Shine Awudi.

In all eight persons made up of seven Chinese believed to be managers of the facility and one Nigerian supervisor, were arrested in the operation.

Briefing the media after the operations, the head of enforce­ment at the GSA, Mr George Anti, said the authority picked up intelligence that Fenice Metal Technology Company Limited although registered and producing in Ghana, labelled its products, mostly electrical cables as made in Turkey and distributed them on the Ghanaian market.

He said following the intelli­gence, the authority decided to probe further and based on this, it discovered that the company was actually manufacturing electrical cables without certification.

Furthermore, he said these ca­bles on the market were also sub­standard and not fit for purpose.

Mr Anti said the company failed to produce all the necessary documents that permitted its operations when the team visited the factory.

He said the closure of the factory was necessary to halt the company from further producing as well as make way for further investigations.

This is the second time Fenice Metal Technology Company has been involved in illegal activities.

Recently, the company was cited for bypassing ECG metres and stealing electricity.


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