Proactive planning critical for industrialisation – Prof. Boateng

Board Chairman of the Mineral Income Investment Fund (MIIF), Professor Douglas Boateng, has stated that Ghana can only achieve its industrialisation agenda through proactive planning and mindset change.

He asserted that it would take a conscious effort on the part of Ghanaians with strategic and long term focused directional leadership from those at the helm of affairs for the country to become an industrial hub.

Prof. Boateng, a Supply and Value Chain Management expert, made this submission at the 2022 Executive Insight Series at the Pan African Supply Chain Management Public Lectures.

According to him, with the appropriate human capital, and the 1 District 1 Factory (1D1F) initiative, Ghana could realise its industrialisation agenda.

Spelling out some relevant factors that can help push the country’s industrialisation drive, he stated, “when it comes to the product, it must be what is required by the market, competitively priced, consistency in quality and must be innovative.

He also intimated that political stability was also necessary for businesses to thrive and said “There must be political stability with appropriate infrastructure put in place.”

Prof. Boateng tackling how industrialisation can be reached on a regional level on the continent, charged governments to be long-term driven, tackling issues and challenges as a collective, breaking down the artificial trade barriers, moving away from proudly country specific initiatives to “Proudly African initiatives” example, “Made in Africa, Produced in Ghana or South Africa or Nigeria, Madagascar, ” and educating and encouraging individuals and organisations to think beyond their own communities and national boundaries.

He advised the various governments on the continent to also move away from applying policies and modes of operations which had not yielded positive results, and urged them to remove state-owned institutions from the various ministries whilst encouraging regional wide Public Private Partnership (PPP).


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