President’s posture towards vigilantism inconsistent–PNC

The National Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Bernard Mornah, has described the posture of the president in the combat against vigilantism as inconsistent.

According to him, “until Joy News’ documentary came out, whenever the president gets the opportunity to speak on vigilantism he behaves as if he is worried about it, doing everything to show he abhors the existence of such groups, not knowing a group training as militia have taken strategic positions at international and national conferences.”

Mr Mornah alleged he recalled seeing a lot of De-Eye Group members at the launch of Dombo Foundation, but mistakenly took them to be students of law without knowing their identity until Manasseh Azure’s documentary.

“I saw a lot of them and I thought they were students of law, I didn’t know those are a group of militia after being trained,  when the president is shedding crocodile tears and letting everybody know  the happenings in the country is terrible, suddenly it turned out the president actually has knowledge of the existence of the group which is disturbing

“The act is leading to ‘weaponisation’ of our democracy which we all know a semblance was exhibited at Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election, we have issued a statement the nation deserves better, deserves peace and the president must ensure there is peace,” Mr Mornah noted. 

Reacting to the claim of the government that the Osu Castle was now under Museum and Monuments Board and not an annex of the Office of the President, he questioned whether in the museum, they have ministries, which museum in the world do we have ministries, which museum in the world do you take a commission responsible for the creation of new regions and which museum do you have a presidential commission on violence occasioned at an election to sit in.

Mr Mornah wondered why someone who had fallen out with the president could have access to offices in the castle for his personal use without any sanction maintaining that “in any case, if someone has fallen out with the president and has access to offices at the castle and the issue is out, the best our government determined to combat crime can do is to sack them from the place since entering the place illegally is a crime.” –peacefmonline.com

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