President won’t accept CSE

The Speaker of Parliament, Prof. Aaron Micheal Oquaye has reiterated that, the President, Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo-Addo would not support the introduction of Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE) which seeks to introduce variant sexual rights agenda in the country.

He said that the fact that President delayed in making a definite pronouncement on the issue when it emerged as a trending national discourse, did not mean that he wanted it to be part of Ghana’s educational curricula.

Prof Oquaye said this yesterday at the maiden Speaker’s Prayer Breakfast meeting with religious leaders held on the premises of Parliament House to begin a series of such engagement with the clergy.

It was attended by religious leaders from different denominations as well as Parliamentarians in both Scripture Union and Muslim Councils.

Prof Oquaye said it was evident that when the debate started, the President did not want to wage into it to allow discussions coming from major stakeholders with different perspective to have their say in order for the world to know the position of Ghanaians on the issue.

He said the President having given space to such deliberations and knowing the stance of Ghanaians then made his pronouncement on the issue during separate meetings with both the Muslims and Christians leadership by emphatically stating that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender misguided agenda would not happen under his watch.

Prof Oquaye gave the assurance that having known the President and the principles he stood for since 1964 was enough for him to value his statement on the issue especially, when he has a staunch Christian belief and background which dated his lineage as strong presbyters from time immemorial.

He said both religious and traditional leaders having played significant roles in the transformation of Ghana socio-economic and cultural values to take a firm stand and fight the emerging social deviance meant to adulterate Ghanaian Cultural norms and practices. 

Prof Oquaye said in as much as LGBT people may have their rights as humans by extension that right should not condone a deviant conduct which could be addressed medically if it was a matter of having doubts about their genes to determine their gender.

He said, equally, if they were faced with psychology problem about their identity, psychologists could assist them professionally to overcome such a challenge to know their true identity adding that, they could also be delivered spiritually if they deemed it as a matter of spiritual fate.

Prof Oquaye said under no circumstances should Ghana allow the sort of sexual liberalism being accommodated in the Western World to permeate any fabric of Ghanaian society to dictate and determine the nation’s values in terms of sexual orientation.

He bemoaned the fact that Western Liberalism has gone on to champion bestiality to gain currency such that it has become a norm to sleep with animals adding that, such deviant behaviour could trigger fatal disease in the world since animals could transmit a deadly disease to humans.

Prof Oquaye pleaded with Ghanaian in all sphere of life to be part of the crusade to ward off the CSE agenda which was only meant to corrupt the minds of Ghanaian children.


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