Preserve country’s inter-faith harmony!!!

A Call by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo re-em­phasising the need for the strengthening of relationship between the Church and the State is one to reflect on not only by the Christian commu­nity but also the Muslim and other religious communities in the country.

This is important because, as the President has said, that will help in the construction of a progressive and prosperous country.

This is truism, especially in Ghana, where religious toler­ance is par excellence.

This is a country whose Chief Imam, Vice Presi­dent and other high-profile Muslims do not have any problem attending Chris­tian programmes and this is where Muslims easily share with Christians whatever they have to observe their religious festivals.

In fact, elsewhere religious intolerance has caused dis­harmony to the hurt of the peaceful coexistence of differ­ent religious groupings there.

 It is public knowledge that religious intoler­ance has disintegrated some countries as certain religious groupings there wage wars on others.

It is therefore great pride for Ghanaians to boast about the ease with which members of the various religious group­ings interact with each other and live together harmoniously.

However, certain reli­gious leaders in the coun­try, particularly Christian ones, whether consciously or unconsciously, are jeopardising the peaceful coexistence of the various religious groupings in the country.

These Christians min­isters, particularly those who claim to be proph­ets, go spewing mostly figments of their own imaginations as prophe­cies and these are usually pronouncements that cause fear and panic.

That is not to say we do not believe God has prophets in our days, but we think even if it is true that God has spoken to them, the way they com­municate “the so-called message from God” lacks wisdom.

Therefore, they need to go to the Almighty to seek wisdom according to

 Ec­clesiastes 7:25, to save the nation the negative effects of their misbehaviour.

One of such erring ‘prophets’ is a man who is referred to as Reverend Isaac Owusu Bempah and described as the founder of the Glorious Word Power Ministries Interna­tional.

This is a man who thinks he is so much anointed that he sees it all and says it anyhow and yet must not be touched.

Owusu Bempah, by some of his pronounce­ments, has forced the Office of the National Chief Imam to appeal to Christian leaders and the

 Inspector General of Police to call him to order in the interest of national unity and peace. (See story on this page).

We support this appeal and expect that even today or in the coming days some feedback would be provided the public.

We also expect that other so-called prophets would be cautioned and erring ones sanctioned.

We join the Chief Imam to urge the media to observe the highest ethical journalistic standards and stop reinforcing remarks that could threaten national security, peace and interfaith harmony.

Our country is in crisis now and the best way to resolve the challenges, as suggested by President Akufo-Addo, for example, is to “preserve the freedom, progress, stability and unity of our nation.”

Thus, acts that would un­dermine this, including irre­sponsible prophesies and other negative religious activities, must be tackled head-on by the powers that be.

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