Pres of Rotary Int’l renovates 37 Hospital Children’s Ward

The President of Rotary International, Jennifer Jones, has inaugurated the refurbished Children’s Ward of the 37 Military Hospital, in Accra, on Tuesday.

Rotary Accra Airport Branch, adopted the facility, and its refurbishment cost $100,000.

The refurbishment included, re-ceiling of the two wards, provision of air-conditioners and television sets, bedding, and a library.

Additionally, the club did some paintings, decorations and provided a play area for children as well as a waiting place for mothers.

The adoption of the ward meant the club would henceforth take full responsibility for the maintenance of the facility with support from management of the hospital.

The move to renovate the ward started in 2018 when the District Governor nominee, MrAmankwah, expressed concern over the state of the facility.

He, however, proposed to the Rotary Club, Accra-Airport Branch to change the ceilings of the ward, especially the insulations, since it generated heat.

This prompted a visit and a thorough assessment of the facility by a team from the Rotary Club, Accra Airport Branch, leading to the renovation of the facility.

Ms Jones congratulated Accra-Airport Branch for its kind gesture towards humanity.

She described the project as impactful and expressed hope that the ward would help improve the healthcare of children, indicating the club would continue to support the ward.

“What you have created is dignity. What you have created is hope.That is what a child and mother needs when they come into facility. How many of us have been to the hospital before? We know that when we go there, it is not for good reasons. You need to have a place that provides comfort. You do not have to live under stress and get closer to a child. This work is a true meaning for impactful work,”Ms Jones said.

The Commanding Officer of the 37 Military Hospital, Brigadier General AzumahBugri, stated that the project would not only benefit children but mothers whose children were admitted.

He said “what is so remarkable is the provision of a library and a conducive atmosphere for mothers who would come with their children when they are admitted to the health facility.”

Brig. Gen.Bugrisaid “the refurbishment of the ward is in the right direction.”

As part of the club’s drive to boost healthcare delivery and help combat climate change, Ms Jones planted trees near the Weija Dam and the Kokrobite Health Centre.


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