Power Queens hold quadrennial congress in Accra

The Power Queens’ Club of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), a female workforce of the power distribution company, has been urged to develop themselves in order to be equipped for higher positions in the company.

Group Head of Legal and Company Secretary of Fidelity Bank Ghana, Maataa Opare, said this last Thursday in Accra at the opening ceremony of the 9th quadrennial congress of the Power Queens under the theme, “Harnessing talents to increase productivity in building a world-class ECG — the role of the queen.”

She said women could only attain higher heights at the various places of work through determination, hard work and attitudinal change.

Madam Opare said identifying women as strategic resource to growing a business and holding senior leaders accountable for talent management was crucial for the development of women and the organisation as a whole.

“Fortunately for us at ECG, management has zero tolerance for women suppression, there is and will be equal opportunities for male and female staff, what is left for us as women to do is to identify our potential and work extremely hard to achieve our goal,” she added.

 She stated that without hard work women could not take advantage of the various opportunities that would be made available to them, adding that the woman’s role towards productivity was vital.

Madam Opare, therefore, urged the women to “step up” their game towards enhancing their talents, stressing on the need to improve on their teamwork, public speaking, writing skills, entrepreneurship, critical thinking, decision-making, numeracy and technical competence.

She said companies which do not leverage on the potential of women, hinder their output and it was time for the Power Queens to move out of their comfort zone, harness their talents to push the company and themselves to a higher pedestal, in line with the corporate vision.

She challenged the women and ECG to harness the full potential of women to optimise business performance in order to succeed on the international market.

The Managing Director of ECG, Kwame Agyeman-Budu, on his part, said the board and management of the company recognised the role of women in achieving its mission and attain a world class status in their operations.

He said the company was expecting to achieve gender parity and inclusion,   as well as remove all forms of discrimination and zero tolerance to sexual harassment in the near future.

Mr Agyeman-Budu stated that management would continue to improve on staff performance through capacity building programmes, and urged the Power Queens to apply knowledge acquired to their work to achieve set targets of the company.

The National President of the Power Queens, Rosemond Asamoa, urged her members to exploit the use of technology in order to give them an added advantage in their field of work.


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