Polytank unveils Sumo Super Water Storage tank in Accra

Plastic manu­facturing company, Polytank Ghana Limited, on Tuesday unveiled its Sumo Super Water Storage Tank in Accra.

Having an inbuilt anti-bacteri­al property to help protect algae formation and other microbes, the Sumo Super is Africa’s first three-layer water storage tank.

It also has UV stabilisers that can withstand all weather condi­tions and expand the lifespan of the water storage tank.

Mr Ashok Mohinani, Executive Chairman, Mohinani Group, indi­cated that the Polytank three-layer Sumo Super had an unimaginable sturdiness and was able to with­stand a drop from 25 feet height without breaking or getting dam­age.

He stated that the Sumo Super was being introduced in nine co­lours

 and urged all to visit Polytank shops across the country to get the product for their homes, offices and communities.

Mr Mohinani indicated that for them at Polytank Ghana, bringing innovative products had ceased to be just about dominating the market.

“It is not just about bringing products that will be market lead­ers in their classes. For us, bringing products is about the next gener­ation. It is about preserving the future and sustainability,” he added.

Chief Director, Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources, Mr Noah Tumfo, congratulated Polytank for its foresightedness in introducing ground breaking technologies in water storage tank manufacturing business that scale up access to potable water by consumers in all the strata of the economy.

“Polytank Ghana continues to prove that, right in this country, world-class innovative products can be produced and exported around the continent, if not to the world,” he added.

Mr Tumfo said the ministry welcomed the all-new three-lay­er Sumo Super into the market because of its immense benefits to the consumer in storing safe drinking water for both domestic and industrial use.

“As a Ministry, our utmost con­cern is not only to provide access to water for all Ghanaians but also to ensure that the water that is be­ing consumed is safe. “Therefore, having a good quality multi-layered water storage container is critical,” he added.

Mr Tumfo used the opportu­nity to commend Polytank for its partnership with the government to close the gaps and address the shortfalls associated with provid­ing access to clean and safe water storage to all Ghanaians, especially, those in rural and low-income areas.

“Let me end by reiterating our ministry’s support to work hand in hand with Polytank to ensure that their objective of providing safe water storage solutions in the country is realised,” he added


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