Politics not avenue for corruption – Rosemond Asor

Rosemond Obeng Asor, the Deputy National Coordinator of the Tertiary Students Confederacy (TESCON) of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has admonished the youth, particularly women interested in politics, to have clear intentions and not realise it as an avenue for corrupt and unprincipled persons.

According to her, “the youth should develop an attitude to serve the nation because
in a world where young people see the field of politics as an avenue for corrupt and unprincipled persons, it is almost a crucial emergency that we reach out to our young ones, especially for the people who have gone through the ups and downs of the political system.

“We need to reach out to those who have climbed some rungs in their political career despite the overwhelming odds, and help them to re-invent their notions to realise politics as a privileged platform to debate ideas, issues and serve the citizenry in the genuineness of intentions,” she stressed.

Making the admonition at the annual Enquiry Agency Career Fair 2019 dubbed: ‘Acceleration Of Greatness’, Ms Asor advised the youth against any negative impressions and misguided notions they may have been exposed to as they embarked on their political career saying: “I equally shared my story to challenge young people to overcome each and every day of their political journey, especially young women and a learner in politics.

She urged politicians to mentor the youth, especially females in achieving a career devoid of corruption by dissuading their minds to venture into politics to lord it over the citizenry, rather to serve and strengthen their voice, role, contribution in shaping policies, decisions through contextualised information and knowledge.

“There is the need to shift away from politics as preserve of our male counterparts in order to address structural barriers so as to meaningfully participate in and influence policy making processes towards gender responsiveness.

“We need to also invest in building our capacity to actively participate in the formulation in all inclusive political dispensation towards taking up leadership roles in various political parties to appreciate how policies can influence and shape the lives of women in local governance,” Ms Asor stressed. -peacefmonline.com

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