Politicians must exhibit honesty, humility–JOY

The 2016 Independent Presidential Candidate, Jacob Osei Yeboah, has tasked politicians in the country to be truthful to exhibit a high sense of honesty, humility, transparency and offer positive leadership qualities to win the confidence and respect of the citizenry.

He also urged the leadership of all political parties to tolerate views from their opponents to ensure the growth and development of democratic dispensation and maintained that, “It is better to be criticised for standing for truth, honesty, humility and transparency than to be applauded for championing evil.

“Politicians should be straightforward, truthful and bold in taking decisions when they know that they are on the right path, even though such decisions may not be palatable to a section of the society, however, I am appealing to our president to be firm in his decisions once he knows he is on the right path and should be prepared to crack the whip when necessary,” Mr Yeboah said.

He cautioned politicians against complacency and advised them to strive to continue to unite the citizenry to ensure peace, stability, unity, rapid growth and development to improve livelihoods of the citizenry and charged them to be very mindful and careful in dealing with politics. –

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