Politicians admonished to complete projects of predecessors

Pressure group, Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) has admonished politicians to cut what they termed ‘cycle of madness’ and complete projects by previous governments.


It called for an end to the situation where politicians abandon projects by their predecessors, put all political considerations aside and put the interest of the country first.


In a statement issued in Accra, it said it was time for one government to show maturity and stop the cycle of madness for the sake of the citizenry and governments cannot continue to profess commitment to the nation whilst continuing on the course of waste so as to achieve the Ghana Beyond Aid agenda.


‘’AFAG understands that in our toxic political environment, continuation of projects by previous governments has low political underbelly,  it is time to bring the culture to an end since we cannot build a Ghana Beyond Aid if we continue on such a course and time for the government to take that step.


“We urge the presidency to change the narrative and complete all projects started by the former administration, for decades, it has been the lustful acts of previous governments to discontinue projects of previous ones to go waste and continue with new ones to detriment of the nation.


“No single party is innocent of the act of mindless neglect which is a worry to the financial cost of those projects to the nation, in some cases, key infrastructures such as hospitals, roads, and school buildings are neglected.


“It is time to put the interest of the nation first, above all political considerations and complete all projects started by the previous administration, the  call notwithstanding, the group urges the government to vet all such projects to ensure value for money, adherence to quality control and dubious cost overruns towards achieving Ghana Beyond Aid.


“We can only achieve that not through huge policy moves and lofty rhetoric but through a change of mind and culture and urge the government to show the way by responding to the call and take actions to complete all outstanding projects,” the statement said.  –rainbowradioonline.com



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