Political leadership not inuring to masses—Tony Aidoo

Dr Aidoo

Dr Aidoo

Former Ambassador to the Netherlands, Dr Tony Aidoo is advocating a political system that will inure to the masses and not a select few.
Dr Aidoo bemoaned the situation where there is sharp contrast in political parties where the elite few control affairs much to the detriment of the masses.

Analysing the current political leadership at a conference organised by The Progressive Intellectuals in Accra on the theme: ‘Rethinking Political Leadership in Ghana, he pointed out that “it is time for critical thinking in order to put in place a system where everyone benefits from governance.

“The welfare of the mass population has not mattered much to the political leadership as much as their own parochial welfare and every change of government is nothing but a change of elite to replace the previous administrations elite.

“The gap between rich and poor continues to widen, we should ask ourselves how much wealth an individual can create for even generations unborn at the expense of contemporary populations under circumstances in which a large majority of our people are indigent.

“And we ask ourselves what is the value of democracy? Is this the democracy that is beneficial to the masses or to the few? This is the question, I want to see a mass population that is attentive to the actions of the political elite and demand a change rather than participate in the partisanships whereby they only get droplets of benefits and the leadership gets the chunk.

For his part, Dr Kpessa Whyte, the former National Service Secretariat boss, called for a one time seven-year term limit for presidents to  give elected leaders ample time to concentrate on developing a nation rather than focusing on the next election. –classfmonline.com

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