‘PNC needs leadership overhaul to enhance fortunes in Election 2024

 The Bono Regional Secretary of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Abdul Samad Nurudeen, has observed that the leadership of the party needs total overhaul to enhance its fortunes in Election 2024.

He explained that with a more proactive leadership, the PNC could find alternative sources to fund its activities, instead of “the normal norm of over relying on bigger political parties for support and assistance which had not helped the party to make signifi­cant inroads in previous elections.

“It’s unfortunate the leader­ship of our great PNC has failed woefully to get sustainable avenues to finance the party but we over rely on political parties with larger bases for support and assistance but the situation rather affects our fortunes since it is not sustainable and alternative source,” Mr Nuru­deen lamented.

He insisted that depending on parties with larger support bases to make significant inroads in future elections would continue to affect the PNC because such sup­port and assistance would not be able to sustain the party to make it attractive and formidable.

According to him, an overhaul of the leadership of PNC would improve the fortunes of the party to make it attractive, formidable and robust in future elections.

Mr Nurudeen expressed regret that alleged internal corruption and selfishness remained the bane of the PNC because in the era of Dr Hilla Limann, as leader, the party was the third force in the country’s political space but lost the position due to such nega­tive tendencies which should be reversed.

“The late Dr Limann left a very good landmark in the political landscape of our country, did exceptionally well in government, and transformed the nation’s transport and agriculture sectors which made the PNC attractive, formidable, robust with sus­tainable resources and prudent leadership.

“He made the party exception­ally attractive, formidable and robust until our great party was taken over by leaderships with self­ish and visionless ambitions but we now need a strong, foresight and leadership with vision so as to nurse the confidence, trust hope and aspirations of our late leader.

“The divisions and factions in the PNC are gradually collapsing it while some individuals are using the party to amass wealth, it is only the youth who can salvage the PNC since the elderly have failed the youth and if we also fail to reverse negative trends within the party, posterity will not spare us and deepen our woes in making PNC attractive to the youth,” Mr Nurudeen predicted.

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