Plight of the Sodomised Teenager

It was a very cold Saturday morning when I visited the home of a 15 year old boy who was sodomised by a friend to his family, a 37 year old self-styled evangelist, Fredrick Darko.

Mother of the victim, Millicent Mensah welcomed me as she dragged a bench from the entrance of her small porch for me to sit on.

With sorrow written all over her face, she started narrating how her son ended up in the house of a man whom she trusted very much, which led to the child being sodomised repeatedly.

She said her son’s ordeal started two years ago when she agreed that he goes to reside with the self-acclaimed evangelist so that he could coach him well on how to lead an exemplary life while fending for him.

“I trusted this man because he never gave me a reason to doubt him. He always came to this house to preach and pray with the family and I never thought twice about allowing my son to go stay with him because this man’s house was not too far from ours so I could go and check on my son anytime I wanted to and my son too sometimes come home to play with his siblings and later return to this wicked so called evangelist.”

“This is how it has been until recently, when I realised he was losing weight, I called him and asked whether all was well with him and he said he said he was okay so I left him,” she added.

Mrs Mensah stated that her son suddenly fell seriously sick and though she got some medications from a nearby pharmacy for him, he did not get better so she started searching for whoever could lend her some money as she and her husband had no money.

Getting someone to borrow money from to take her son to the hospital, she said seemed impossible and this got her very worried because the child’s condition was deteriorating.

“I could not get any one to help me raise some money for the hospital so I resorted to prayer, I did not take him to any church but prayed with him at home. So one time during our prayer session, he told revealed what the self-styled evangelist took him through.”

“He said mummy, Pastor Fred has been having anal sex with me since the year 2020. He started during the lock down period and was abusing me every night with the excuse that he was delivering me from evil spirits,” she lamented.

At this point, Mrs Mensah could not hold back her tears, she wept for close to 30 minutes!

Speaking became difficult for her but she managed to delve deeper into the matter and further told the Ghanaian Times that her son told her that his abuser told him never to mention his ordeal to him if he wanted to live.

“This broke me apart. I immediately rushed to the Nyanyano Police and reported this fake evangelist to them and they responded swiftly, arrested this evil creature and processed him for court.”

“It was the commander who gave us money to go to the hospital and paid the doctor to sign the police medical report form that we took to court,” she added.


According to the narration of the victim’s mother, this fake evangelist usually asks the victim to strip himself naked every night and apply moist salt all over the boy’s body, after which he orders him to lie prostrate on him (the abuser).

This, she said went on for some time until the self-acclaimed evangelist started forcefully having anal sex with the child every night, all in the name of cleansing from spiritual attack.


On another sad note, the victim’s mother revealed to the Ghanaian Times that she was diagnosed with an enlarged heart recently at the KasoaPolyclinic and referred to the Cardiothoracic Center of the Korle Bu, Teaching Hospital (KBTH), Accra but had still not reported to KBTH due to financial restraints and also the fact the she could not leave her son alone at home because of his condition.

Shedding tears, she said “I am burdened with too many problems, already I barely rest because I am a mother of nine children and have to work in order to support my husband who is a mason fend for us. It is already hard for us and this fake man of God just came into our lives to complicate matters. I am tired and sick, I need help.”


Mrs Mensah advised parents to seriously keep an eye on their wards and desist from trusting people no matter what they called themselves.

She said despite hearing stories about the criminal acts of some self-styled pastors, she never believed such information until it happened to her.

“Your enemy might be closer to you in the form of your pastor, friend, church members or even dangerous family members so be very cautious and protect your children with all your might. No matter how poor you are make sure you do not let your children go and stay with others.”

Also, she added that parents must teach their children how to speak up any time they encountered any kind of unpleasant situation whatsoever.


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