Players not focus of Ghana football – NC vice Pres

Mrs Lucy Quist

Mrs Lucy Quist

Footballers are the major stakeholders in the game of football.

Unfortunately, that remains a dream yet to fulfill, according to Mrs Lucy Quist, Vice President of the FIFA Normalization Committee (NC).

According to her, it struck her as odd that the people who make football happen were not in the least considered in the myriad of representations made to the Normalisation Committee when they gave room for stakeholders to make representations on what the main challenges involving football were.

“Most people who came to speak to us did not mention the players,” she said yesterday on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show.

But ‘the people who make the game are the footballers,” she argued.

Drawing on her business experience, Mrs Quist said the key to successful business was to first develop a good product.

“When you have a product, you ensure that you have a good product. The players are the product of football.”

According to Mrs Quist, the players, who are the products around which football administration and business are built, are confronted with “contractual issues, development and issues bordering on welfare of players.”

As a result, Normalisation Committee has made the players the focus of their attention and the running theme in every conversation they have with any other stakeholder.

“We turn the conversation to the players,” she said, adding that they ask those who appear before them to address how those concerns affect the players.

She has called attention also to fact that issues affecting players are not just limited to the players.

What affects players, she argues, also affects their families and those who depend on them.

Mrs Quist is part of the four-man team appointed by FIFA in August to run the day-to-day activities of Ghanaian football following the dissolution of the Ghana Football Association in June.


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