Philanthropy inarguably strengthens community – Marcus Blandin

Philanthropy, in many ways, supports and boosts the growth of an individual and the community in general. Here’s the story of wealth coach Marcus Blandin who is leading by example in the field of philanthropy and inspiring others to follow suit. Let’s delve.

Marcus strongly advocates philanthropy because it supports projects that may be rather too unpopular for general public or the authorities. Philanthropy opens the door to revolution that can transform the society and its people for the better.

One thing, Marcus shares, philanthropy inarguably strengthens community. The world is well connected today, courtesy of the wonders of technological advancements like the internet. But in other ways, the world has never been more disengaged. For many individuals, the idea of a tight-knit community remains a distant dream.

Marcus says that philanthropy kindles an individual’s or company’s need to be ‘involved’ with their community. Philanthropy brings individuals together for a cause that is bigger than them.

This leads to the union of individual consciousness with that of the universal consciousness paving the way for a perfect harmony between the mind and body, man and nature.

And in a society where such people exist, where giving freely is common, that society experiences a much stronger unity, and faster growth.

One of the prime reasons Marcus strongly supports philanthropy is because for him it’s the best way to reach his full potential.

He shares, “I don’t do philanthropy to show off. I do it because I know how it feels to be at the bottom of the barrel. I have risen from nothing. Therefore, I have a genuine urge to give back what I have received from the community.”

Marcus today sits in the top 1% of the world. And he credits his success to his ‘genuine urge’ to help others. Philanthropy, Marcus says, is about looking outside of you and serving others. It’s the most intelligent way to exist. People who ‘give’ or offer themselves to serve humanity tend to have better emotional health. Marcus shares, “There’s enough research to prove that generosity reduces stress and depression.”

 Marcus elaborates that philanthropy is not about money. Even if someone volunteers with people, it’s philanthropy. And it can greatly reduce the person’s loneliness.

Marcus has over 20 years of experience as a business owner. He’s a sought-after global business coach & international speaker with a keen focus on giving back as much knowledge as possible to the community.

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