Peter Otokunor grabs doctorate degree from UG

The Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), PeterBoamahOtokunor,last Saturday graduated from the UniversityofGhana (UG) with a PhD in Agriculture Economics.

He was among the about the 661 students who graduated with various Degrees comprising 103 PhD and 503 Masters of Philosophy students from the School of Graduate Studies and 28 Undergraduates from the Ghana Medical School.

Mr Otokunor who also holds a PhD in Finance from SMC University, a Master of Arts degree in Economic Policy Management and a Bsc. Degree in Agriculture from the UG Legon told the Ghanaian Times that the journey had not been easy.

“I feel that I need to celebrate not really because of the certificate but the stress and the sacrifices, the academic period had been a very difficult one that I had to share between my work and family.

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“This zeal to achieve I think should serve as an inspiration for a lot of people looking at where I’m coming from, where I’ve gotten to  I mean it’s just not only by dint of hard work but also by grace of God and when you are blessed you do have to not only celebrate but also to make it a point to inspire others to follow suit, I mean this is a big inspiration for all young people out there and I think that dreams are unlimited I mean nobody should limit your dreams all you need is hard work persistence in God and you would be able to reach there,” he added.

This beautiful moment, he said, would be dedicated to his family especially my wife who had been worried about spending long nights on the computer and the day on politics it has not been easy but with perseverance, persistence and hard work you would be able to achieve the result.

The University of Ghana, Mr Otokunor stated would always be his best choice adding that he would give this whole credit to the University of Ghana not because it is the best university that you can find on the continent but also the “Underhill” which has a great impact on his role not only as a politician oras a deputy general secretary but also as a party politician and a public officer.


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