Peru unrest: Police to dismantle roadblocks

 Roadblocks set up across Peru by demonstrators demanding the resignation of the country’s president will be dismantled, officials have said.

Police and the military are preparing to mount a joint operation, according to the defence and interior ministries.

Supporters of former President, Pedro Castillo, took to the streets after he was im­peached and arrested for trying to dissolve Congress in December

They want his successor, Dina Boluarte, to quit and hold fresh elections.

The ministry of the interior tweeted that “blocking communication routes is a crime” and said that 10 people had already died because ambulances could not get through roadblocks.

Earlier in January, Pe­ru’s human rights watch­dog reported two deaths as a result of blockades in the northern La Liber­tad region – a 51-year-old woman and a teenager who “lost her baby”.

The blockades have also resulted in shortag­es of fuel and food in several regions.

Local media reported that some cities had seen the price of food, such as potatoes and tomatoes, increase three-fold because road­blocks had left delivery lorries stranded.

“The Peruvian national police, with the support of the armed forces, will unblock the national network of highways that have been the subject of a state of emergency,” the ministry’s statement said.

On Wednesday, Ms Boluarte called for a “national truce” – but following her speech, thousands of people took to the streets of the capital, Lima, demanding her resignation.

Ms Boluarte became president in Decem­ber following Mr Castillo’s impeachment and removal from office following a botched attempt to dissolve Congress. —BBC

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