Pepsodent promotes oral health among children

Pepsodent as part of efforts to promote oral health among children has developed Brush, Story, Sleep with behaviour change and dental experts.

This initiative will be launched today to coincide with World Oral Health Day, the largest global awareness campaign for oral health.

Pepsodent’s Brush, Story, Sleep aims to make the bedtime experience fun and educational by encouraging children to brush their teeth for two minutes every night before rewarding them with a fun bed time story.

 In making night-brushing something that children look forward to and want to do, behavioural scientists know that it is more likely to be practised regularly, which in turn leads to it becoming a habitual behaviour.

Joel Boateng, Category Manager, Unilever Ghana in a statement issued in Accra yesterday said: “We’re delighted to introduce ‘The Adventures of Little Brush Big Brush’ storybook and a night-time brushing calendar from Pepsodent, as engaging tools to make brushing fun, so that children will look forward to brushing before bed.”

He said “Our brand is on a mission to eradicate preventable oral disease so everyone can unlock the power of their smile. This is our latest initiative building on over 25 years of helping to improve the oral care habits of millions around the world with our Brush Day and Night school programmes and free dental check-ups.”

The Brush, Story, Sleep campaign he said, had been developed with behaviour science experts, adding “we hope this will help grow Pepsodent’s positive impact in new ways, helping families create a lifelong habit of brushing at night.”

A third of children around the world are failing to brush their teeth twice a day, according to new global study commissioned by Pepsodent and released to mark World Oral Health Day.

Based on this research, a concerning issue has emerged: a failure to brush at bed time, something that is proven to cause health and social issues in children, for both the short and long term.

Five thousand parents and children were surveyed across eight countries, revealing that 30 per cent of children do not brush twice a day and one in four do not brush their teeth every night.


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