People’s Pension Trust collaborate with 3 bodies to provide pension, insurance for drivers

Westom Insurance Brokers in collaboration with People’s Pension Trust (PPT), Prudential Life Insurance and Premier Health Insurance has launched a pension and an insurance package for members of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU).

Known as the ‘Anidaso Plan’, the package offers three in one Pension/Life insurance/Health Insurance plan to members.

 It also covers the principal’s immediate dependents, that is, spouse and children.

The ‘Anidaso Plan’ is a comprehensive pension and insurance package that has been specially designed to offer members of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union of Trade Union Congress (GPRTU of TUC) an unhindered access to Pension/insurance products like life insurance, health insurance and a pension scheme.

Managing Director of Westom Insurance Brokers, Adwoa Pinaman Acquah, said the union’s steps taken to have such a plan is in the right decision as it will go a long way to support them since the nature of their work exposes them to a lot of risk.“Driving and the risk of accidents and injuries are something that you cannot really separate so the leadership thought it wise that a package of this nature be put together for them,” she said.

Ms Acquah reiterated the need for individuals within the informal sector to make it a point to secure their future against any risk that is likely to occur without any signal. “Day in day out we realise that life works on you as you move so it is about time people within the informal sector take a deliberate effort to put something aside for their life, for their health and their future,” she advised.

The Chief Operating Officer (COO) of People’s Pension Trust, MrKofi Eba-MiezahPolley, underscored the importance of the ‘Anidaso plan’ as a novelty which had come at the opportune time to safeguard the future wellbeing of drivers.

“We are proud to associate with this Pension/insurance package because as a company that offers innovative, flexible and digitally driven pension products to ensure retirement income securities for Ghanaians, our target has always been the informal sector who are the vulnerable as such any support to such category of workers is welcomed,” he said.

MrPolleyseized the opportunity to advise the informal sector especially the drivers to secure their future by contacting the People’s Pension Trust for a retirement package and benefit from lump sum to cater for their future wellbeing.

The National Chairman for GPRTU, Nana NimakoBresiamah, commended the companies involved in putting such packages together, expressing joy that the union can also boast of a better life after retirement which has been a strong desire of the leaders of the union.

 MrBresiamah advised drivers within the union to adopt the habit of saving for their future and do away with unpleasant living such as mismanagement of income that wouldn’t help secure their future but urged them to be part of the special ‘Anidaso Plan’.


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