Paul Kurom Zion L/A School in deplorable state

The Paul Kurom Zion L/A Basic and Junior High School (JHS) at Yaw Boame community, a suburb of Teacher Mante in the Ayensuano District of the Eastern Region, is in dire need of support to improve the school’s infrastructure to enhance effective teaching and learning.

The school which has a population of 170 students and a class level from Kindergarten (KG) to JHS two, lacks proper classroom blocks, library, toilet and urinal facility and Information Communication Technology Centre (ICT).

The only government basic and JHS in the community has been in a deplorable state for the past 15 years, and the situation of the school is hindering academic progress.

A visit by the Ghanaian Times to the community observed sheds roofed with aluminum sheets served as the school’s class blocks and shed made from palm fronds and roofed with aluminum sheet served as the toilet and urinal facility.

The headmaster of the school, Mr Peter Akatsa, in an interview with the Ghanaian Times described the school’s situation as “very appalling” adding that appeals made to the Ayensuano District Assembly and Education Office in the district was yet to elicit any response.

He said the sheds which is being used as classrooms for the students was built by the Parent Teachers Association (PTA), adding that the structure was not safe for effective teaching and learning.

Under this circumstance, Mr Akatsa explained that the situation had compelled the teachers to close the students in the event of rains because classrooms got flooded making teaching and learning uncomfortable.

“Whenever the rain drizzle the school has to close down before the downpour sets in since the structure is not a safer place for the students especially the KG pupils,” he said.

Mr Akatsa said the school had only two poor and unhygienic palm-fronds made toilet and urinal facilities situated in the bush for both students and the teachers, exposing them to reptiles.

 “Where the school toilet situated is very dangerous for we the teachers and the pupils as well especially those in the KG since the facility is being conquered by snakes, monitor lizards and scorpions and sometimes we fear the students might be bitten by these poisonous animals,” he said.

According to Mr Akatsa, the school would have its first JHS 3 student who would be registered to write the Basic Education Examination Certificate (BECE) next year, adding that the absence of ICT centre, may affect the students who might not be able to write the ICT examination in the BECE saying, “This particularly has been the greatest challenge, very hectic and burden for the teachers and PTA as well.”

Mr Kingsley Tosua, the PTA chairman added that the challenges the school was facing had compelled some parents to withdraw from the PTA, and had stopped contributing to raise funds for the development of the school.

Mr Tosua pleaded with the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the other philanthropists to come to the aid of the school, “we appeal to the president and leaders of the country to visit the community and support us, our children are suffering and are denied quality education”.

He said it would be to the disadvantage of the community if the school collapsed since it’s the only government school in the Yaw Boame community.

The PTA chairman added that the teachers and the headmaster, out of sympathy were compelled to procure teaching and learning materials from their own resources, to change the sheds of the made from palm fronds, whenever it became old and dry.

He, therefore, lauded the headmaster for his little support with regards to maintaining the school even in a deplorable state.


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