Party members urged to desist from political violence

Political parties have been urged to educate their members to be tolerant and desist from attacking those who do not share their views.
The Right Reverend Hayford Aduse-Poku, Bishop of the Obuasi Diocese of the Methodist Church, who made the call said party fanaticism with its attendant violence had become a great source of worry to many Ghanaians.

It was therefore important for political party leaders to educate their people to understand the value of tolerance in the promotion and sustenance of democratic rule in society.
Rt. Rev. Aduse-Poku, was speaking at a sod-cutting ceremony for the construction of a mission house for the Abedwum Methodist Church in the Obuasi municipality.

 He said political parties should understand that they formed the minority and that, they should not do anything that would endanger the lives of people who voted for them during elections.
  “It is God who declares the winner in every general election and that the various political parties should exercise patience whenever the nation goes into polls to elect a president,” Rt. Rev. Aduse-Poku pointed out.

 He wondered why people should fight at registration centres and called on Ghanaians to follow the good examples of those Europeans who practise democracy in a more humane manner.
 Rt. Rev. Aduse-Poku appealed to the youth not to allow themselves to be used by selfish politicians whose interest was only to win political power to amass wealth.

Mr Eric Opoku, a member of the church who is financing the project, said there was more blessing in building a house for the Lord and pledged to continue to support the work of the church to win more souls for Christ.
July 24, 2020

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