Parliament urged to tone down on disagreements on deliberations

Dr. Rasheed Draman,the Executive Director of the African Centre for Parliamentary Affairs (ACEPA), has urged Parliament to tone down on disagreements during deliberations and dialogue instead to strengthen democracy.

“I expect the House to tone down on disagreements during deliberations and resort to dialogue instead to avoid low moments that occurred last year during proceedings on the floor of the House,” he stressed.

According to him, those low moments could have been avoided “if proper engagements had taken place and the brawls that characterised the election of the Speaker and the debate over the Electronic Transaction Levy (e-levy) component of the 2022 Budget Statement AND Economic Policy as the low points in parliamentary procedures.

“If you look at the last meeting, they were not able to do much in terms of passing bills because they were busily haggling and fighting over e-levy and all the rest of it so on a scale of 1 to 10, I will put them at four out of 10.

“This is mainly because there have been some ugly scenes in Parliament which constitutes serious dent in our profile as a country and the two sides not seeing eye to eye affects the business of the House,” Dr Draman bemoaned.

He indicated that the disturbances that ensued on the floor of Parliament during proceedings last year, were embarrassing and a dent on the country’s reputation as a beacon of democracy and expressed worry over Parliament’s posturing over the past year which must never occur in ensuing deliberations. –

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