Paris 2024 to deliver carbon-neutral Games

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games is expected to deliver the world’s first Games that will make a progres­sive contribution to the climate, slashing off emissions linked to the events by 50 per cent com­pared to previous editions.

According to a projection by the Paris 2024 Team, it has taken specific measures to reduce emissions having measured its environmental impact throughout the Games.

It said previous Summer Games have discharged an aver­age of 3.5 million tons of Carbon dioxide (CO2), but insisted Paris 2024 was determined to slit the ‘damage’ by half.

“A target of 1.5 million tons of CO2 has been set, which refers to “residual” emissions that cannot be avoided and that will be offset more than offset, in fact in order to limit the event’s climate impact.”

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The Paris Games Team said it would also contribute to the fight against climate change by sup­porting projects aimed at bringing environmental benefits in order to snuff off more emissions than the Games create.

“We would also share our tools and methodology to help step up the pace of the environ­mental transition in sport and at major events, prior to 2024 and beyond.”

Its strategy, it stressed, is based on three pillars: reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, support for projects with a positive contribution to climate and mobilisation of stakeholders to maximise long-term positive impact.

It said the Paris 2024 is also engaging all of its stakeholders to ensure that the Games leave a legacy of accessibility through the improvement or creation of new facilities and services accessible to all, as well as through a comprehen­sive training programme to ensure high-quality hosting for people of all abilities.

As part of its climate strategy, Paris 2024 is also considering the broadest possible scope of emis­sions including the transportation of international spectators and is committed to offsetting all the emissions that it cannot avoid.

“We are taking our commitment even further, by becoming the first international sporting event to off­set more emissions than it creates. To achieve this, we will support the emergence and development of environmental projects in France, where such initiatives are still few and far between.”

About 10,500 athletes from 206 National Olympic Committees, including Ghana, are expected to compete at the Olympic Summer Games in Paris.


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