Paramount chief blames Parliamentarians for referendum withdrawal

Nana Bofo Bene IV, the Vice President of the Bono Ahafo and Bono East Regional House of Chiefs, has blamed parliamentarians for deliberating on national issues based on partisan bases.

He contended that Members of Parliament (MP) cannot be absolved of blame, as far as, the withdrawal of the referendum was concerned due to consideration of issues on partisan bases resulted in lack of consensus hence the withdrawal of the referendum.

The sentiments expressed by Nana Bene, the Paramount Chief of Dwenem-Awasu Traditional Area, in the Jaman South Municipality, followed the president’s decision to abort the December 17, 2019 referendum, which sought to amend Article 55 (3) of the 1992 Constitution, to allow political parties to take part in the local level elections.

“This is an indication that our MPs do not think about the future of the country but always act in the interest of their respective political parties, such behaviour is a disgrace to the integrity of the House.

“I am disturbed, let us think about the future, our children, and our grandchildren and the future, they should stop what they are doing, our parliament, I’m not mincing words, must sit up, they must know they are not there to always politicise issues, they should think about the future of the country.

“That is what I have as advice to all parliamentarians, the constitutional amendment bill was sent to you to discuss and what is happening? For me, it is a disgrace to parliament in the sense that if you are in parliament and you cannot make a decision on matters like this then the parliament must be dissolved.

“This is because in the olden days, there was no parliament but we were ruling our country, you have been sent there riding in V8 but engaging in partisan politics with every issue, the government announced withdrawal of the December 17 referendum seeking to allow political parties to participate in elections at the district level,” Nana Bene fumed.

President Nana Akufo-Addo, who announced the withdrawal in a special broadcast, indicated that the decision is to make room for further consultations with key stakeholders and deepen education, sensitisation and awareness creation.

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