Paramount chief appeals to govt to honour Hilla Limann …by tarring road network

The Paramount Chief of the Gwollu Traditional Area, Kuoro Kuri-Buktie Limann IV, has appealed to the government to consider tarring the stretch of road from Wa to Gwollu and Tumu as an honour to former President Dr Hilla Limann.

“Gwollu is one of the major tourists’ attractions in the Upper West Region due to the tomb of Dr Limann, the Gwollu Slavery Defence Wall and forests reserves, among others, but due to the poor road network, the town is not attracting tourists,” he decried.

Kuoro Limann noted that the history of Ghana would be incomplete without the contribution of Dr Limann, who was the democratically elected president in the Third Republic, whose tenure was truncated by a coup d’état in 1981.

According to him, as the nation celebrates Independence Day in March, the citizenry must make conscious effort to remain committed, dedicated and determined to the progress, growth, development and making the tombs of late presidents attractive to tourists by make all roads leading to their towns motorable.

Kuoro Limann raised concern about neglect of a library project in honour of Dr Limann started by former President Agyekum Kufuor and urged “the government and non-governmental organisations to assist and support in completing the project.

“Another major concern is the road network from Wa-Gwollu, Gwollu-Tumu linking the Upper East Region, the Gwollu town roads are nothing to write home about, we plead with philanthropists to support and assist in construction of mausoleum in Gwollu as means of protecting and preserving Dr Limann’s tomb.

“We laud effort of the American Embassy in Ghana under Ambassador Pamela Bridgewater for roofing the remains of the Anti-Slavery Defence Wall and appealed to other development partners in the country to help develop the place and all presidents in the Fourth Republic have visited Dr Limann’s tomb to pay their last respect except the late Jerry Rawlings.

“The traditional area wish Ghanaians well as the country celebrates its 65th Independence anniversary and asked them to remain patriotic, united, and peaceful coexist and engage in acts of progress, growth and development,” Kuoro Limann stated. -GNA

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