Parabolicguy On The Importance Of Harnessing Social Media To Boost Growth

While some brands have billions to spend on marketing & advertising, this is more the exception than the rule. Even successful companies can have modest marketing budgets as they allocate funds to what they consider more important departments. While this created headaches in this pre-digital era, it has opened up a world of possibilities in modern times.

A pioneer in the Web 3.0 technologies vertical, ParabolicGuy has aced the marketing and branding of its brand on very lean marketing budgets. The solution: social media. The company established a brand voice and translated it directly to catchy social media posts. By adapting content to various platforms while staying true to this voice, ParabolicGuy has seen exponential expansion across the board.

The key is consistency, the avid collector in the NFT space believes. Consistency in the brand voice, in posting, and appropriate application of these elements. Videos reign supreme on TikTok while the same content can be repurposed across Instagram and Facebook. Twitter is more text-focused, while ParabolicGuy takes a more professional approach on LinkedIn. Yet these “tweaks” across platforms deliver the same message and in the same language.

While the brand does have a target audience that is most active on Instagram and Twitter, it refused to leave out potential customers. Not to mention it feels each platform has varying features and benefits that can further expand ParabolicGuy’s digital footprint. Assumption can derail even the best-laid plans, so this brand did not assume it would only have potential customers on one or two platforms. It took a “big picture approach,” which was the best decision it could have made.

Thanks to the two-fold nature of social media, ParabolicGuy directly interacts with its customers and has received invaluable feedback from them. Not only have online interactions strengthened brand image and loyalty, but they have also allowed the organization to become successful by giving people what they want. ParabolicGuy advocates listening to customers and engaging with them on social media to establish a successful brand.

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