Palestine committed two-state solution to promote peace -Envoy

The Palestinian Ambassador to Ghana, Abdul Fatah Ahmed Khali Alsattari, says his country is committed to a two-state solution to promote peace between Palestine and Israel.

That, he said, would help bring peace and reduce the geo-political tension in the Middle East.

The Ambassador said this Monday during an interaction with two officials from the International Relations Commission of Palestine National Liberation Movement (Fatah).

The two officials are on a visit to five African countries to impress on them to vote against Israel’s observer status in the African Union.

The countries are Ghana, the Gambia, Ethiopia, Senegal, and Nigeria.

The two-member delegation are Dr Uri Davis, the Deputy Commissioner-General for Political Affairs and Mrs Kifah Harb, a member of Fatah Revolutionary Council.

The Ambassador said Palestine was relishing a day where they would have their sovereignty and freedom.

He said one issue Palestine had fought over the years was sovereignty where they could determine their border with Israel.

He said Israel had border with Egypt, Lebanon and other countries and Palestine wanted to enjoy similar rights.

On the upcoming African Union meeting to vote to decide whether to admit Israel as an observer state, the Ambassador expressed the hope “Africans will stand by the side of freedom and justice.”

Dr Davis stressed the need for the freedom and rights of Palestinians to be respected.

He also said the occupation of Palestinian lands must cease.

Dr Davis called on Israel to respect the Oslo Accord for Palestine to have access to 22 per cent of lands in the West Bank.

Mrs Harb for her part said women had played critical roles in the Liberation struggle and movement of Palestine had been the repository of culture in the country.

As part of the visit of the two officials, they visited the Chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Freddy Blay, and other political parties.


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